Hive Platform

Hive platform provides key products necessary for games including authentication, analytics, billing, promotion, and customer support. It also provides the Hive Console for a more convenient operation of services and the Hive Developer website to enable faster application.


Speed up the development time and release services more quickly using a single SDK.

Hive SDK supports iOS and Android device platforms, C++ and Objective-C languages, and provides plugins to support Unity, Unreal Engine, and Cocos2d-x game engines.

  • 16 Languages Supported

    Supports 16 languages used worldwide, including Korean, English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Turkish, and Arabic.

  • Comply with Market Policies

    Complies with the policies in various global markets including Google, Apple, and Facebook and carries out new version updates.

  • 3rd Party Module

    Includes marketing tracking tools such as Adjust, Singular, and AppsFlyer.

  • Hive UI

    Dark and light modes are provided as the default Hive UI, and there is no need to produce a separate UI of functions outside the game.


Provides user authentication according to the game and country using various IdPs.

Hive provides domestic and foreign social login IdPs. Select and apply the user authentication method that suits the live game environment of each country.

The IdP methods provided are Google Play game (PGS), Google (iOS login), Game Center, Apple, Facebook, Hive membership, QQ, WeChat, LINE, VK, and Weverse. We also provide a customized log-in function that can be applied to the game.


Sales can be improved through user analysis using indicators.

You can implement a Google BigQuery based data warehouse without additional charges by applying Hive SDK to the game.

Around 20 indicators including sales, users, game currency, and real-time concurrent users will be provided to immediately identify results and user behavior.

Segmentation, targeting, funnel, cohort, ad sales, and event analysis can be performed and user churn rate can be predicted using machine learning technology.


Supports all the main global markets using a single API.

Hive billing supports in-app purchase in various markets such as Google Play, App Store, ONE Store, Galaxy Store, Amazon, and HUAWEI using a single API and responds to issues quickly through real-time monitoring.

Subscription products can be easily developed and applied to each market.

In-game currency can be easily distributed and retrieved using the item management function within the console and the user's payment cancellation/refund data for each market is provided in real-time.


Event operation and cross-promotion at the same time!

You can encourage participation without players leaving the game by providing in-game events or announcements in the form of banners and boards. You can also induce game installations through cross promotions with Com2uS games.


Stable and rapid push notification function optimized for global service.

Send push notifications to users with 16 languages used by over 80% of the world. Optimized operation is applicable to the time of each country according to the time zone. Latest functions provided by markets such as Google Play and App Store are promptly updated.

Customer Service

Experience a smooth CS response using Hive Customer Support.

Use the mobile/PC customer support UI provided by Hive without having to implement a separate customer support. FAQ management, consultation for each game language, VOC management and statistics are provided.


Launch a mobile game on PC!

The PC version of SDK is provided to enable crossplay on Windows and Mac. Hive platform functions can be used on PC and supports quick and easy development.


Boost your ad sales by applying external ads conveniently!

Easily apply in-app ads to secure new ad sales. Hive adkit consists of AD(X) and ADOP, and is provided as a plugin.

Fix the errors that occur during the process of applying the Unity package and reduce trial and error to provide convenience of use.

Take pressure off cost and increase sales with the lowest ad commission policy in the business.


Provides all functions required for the operation of a game service!

Manage and register all Hive products. Commerce, test, sandbox server and console are also provided.

All functions provided by Hive are provided via console, such as displaying a notice in the game, operating an event campaign, or distributing items to users in the game.


Complying with the policy of each country and managing users can be easily solved.

Only Hive SDK can respond to policies and laws of various countries and regions. Service flow according to the policy of each country is provided using GEO-IP.
Immediate live service can be carried out through pop-up display functions such as maintenance, update, block countries, and notice.

Key policies for each region include the Personal Information Protection Act (Korea), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) (Europe), COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule) (USA), Identity Verification (China), Order for Enforcement of the Payment Services Act (Japan).


Experience the top-notch mobile gaming infrastructure.

With the integrated infrastructure resources, it can respond quickly and promptly to various devices. It provides an optimized cloud computing environment after carefully examining the characteristics of various games with design and operational know-how for global infrastructure.

  • Stable Environment

    Over 30 games serviced by Com2uS Group are stably serviced all over the world through GCloud.

  • Optimal Speed

    It provides real-time server resource monitoring alarm and optimal global network response time, including compute server, high-availability HDD, SSD storage, CDN and acceleration network.

  • Live Monitoring and Response

    It monitors the platform server in operation 365 days a year without interruption, such as server building, testing, monitoring, maintenance and responds to errors.

  • Reasonable Price

    It provides a well-planned service at a reasonable price range according to the conditions of use.