Hive Platform

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Hive meets users from all over the world
through 50 live games.

We are a verified game platform with high-level technology and a stable environment for game development and service operation.

Experience our All in One platform service.

One must look for a game platform that can respond quickly to changes in games and markets and provide an enhanced customer service. Join us where the reliable teams of professionals with over 10 years of operational know-how with more than 50 live games services in the global market are ready to lead you to the path of success.

  • 1. The only game platform in Korea that can provide global services
  • 2. Possessing a professional tech support organization for Hive platform application
  • 3. Possessing platform experts for perfect platform service

Everything You Need from Game Design to Operation!

Since its launch in 2014, Hive has focused on creating and developing the essential functions necessary for mobile game production. We offer a single SDK to help you concentrate on content production by reducing the game development period so that the game can be developed efficiently and distributed the service fast. We also provide all the environments needed for managing/business with the Hive Console managing tool.

  • SDK Software Develop Kit
  • Developer's site Technical Document
  • Console Management System