Hive Platform

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Everything You Need from
Game Design to Operation!

Com2uS Hive Platform makes efficient development
and quick release of services possible using Hive SDK.

Hive is an all-in-one platform that provides all the environments
required for operations and business using Hive Console.

Discover Hive now!

Not a problem with the Hive Developer
Support Tool

  • Hive SDK Tutorial

    Having trouble applying the SDK?
    Check the source code
    and the key functions of Hive SDK
    before applying to a game.

  • HIVE SDK Manager

    Too many SDK upgrades?
    Install Hive SDK Manager to download and update the latest version automatically.

  • Hive Developer website

    We've prepared everything
    required for game and SDK development.

  • Console Guide

    Check the Console Usage Guide
    required for game operations after the launch.

The global market is
within your grasp.

Any gaming company is welcome.
Join the reliable partner with more than
70 live game services in the global market
and 10 years of Hive Platform operations know-how.

We safely protect data.

  • ISMS Certification

    Acquired Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification for online service operation (Hive Infra, G-Cloud).

  • ISO/IEC27001 Certification

    Hive Platform service, development, and operation have been certified according to international standards for information security management system.

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joining Hive Platform?

You can always try out Hive Platform first before you decide.
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Go to Inquire about Technical Assistance for inquiries regarding SDK application.
A dedicated tech support team will assist you.

Concerned about this?
Not enough development time or the right people to work on it.
Need a platform that lets us build for both mobile and PC.
Want the important game features to be in one SDK.
Want to create, run, and analyze games and indicators simultaneously.
Need a platform that offers services for the worldwide market.