Hive Platform

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Hive's proven success story
in the global market continues.

Hive's clients range from single developers to large MMORPG titles.
Through Hive Platform service and support, we have successfully achieved from game production to launch and operation.

고객 리뷰

  • Round Planet is developing a large MMORPG "Egon: Inferna Bellum".

    The game was launched through the Hive Platform in the first half of 2022. It has successfully launched as a multi-platform game through Hive Cross Play.

  • Liar Game

    Liar Game is a one-man development company, mainly servicing a game with advertisement sale profits.

    It applied Hive Platform with a quick and easy process and added in-app products by improving the BM model. It also developed the advertisement function through Hive Adkit, increasing sales and profit.

  • Sky People developed and is servicing "Five Stars".

    It has applied Hive Platform and successfully launched of a major service update.

고객 사례

  • Client Case 1 50% increase in revenue with Hive Platform application
    Liar Game

    Liar Game easily applied Hive as a one-man development company, and the total sales were increased by 50% by adding In-App Purchase (IAP) and using Hive Adkit.
    ad sales increased by 33% after applying Hive Adkit and total sales by 50% by adding In-App Purchase (IAP).

  • Client Case 2 Target the global market with Hive's competitive global response capabilities
    Dragon Village Arena

    Highbrow's Dragon Village Arena, which has surpassed 20 million downloads worldwide, is scoring great success in targeting the global market with Hive service.

    Now is your chance to step into the global launch with Hive Platform that supports 16 languages and can operate by country and market.

  • Client Case 3 Successful launch of a large-scale MMORPG with Crossplay!
    Egon: Inferna Bellum

    Based on Hive's technology, it was successfully launched by supporting mobile and PC crossplay services.

    Simultaneous launch of mobile and PC through Hive crossplay

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